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E04 – Sept-Îles sous enquête (Partie 2)

Podcast 5

Dans cette deuxième partie, vous découvrirez trois histoires. Celle de Yvette Saint-Onge, tuée un jour de septembre 1978. Sisavane Sidavane, retrouvée sans vie sous deux pieds de terre en juillet 1981. Et Cindy Peddle, disparue en août 1993. Si l’une de ces histoires vous a donné envie d’en savoir plus ou si vous aimeriez qu’on approfondisse l’une d’elle dans un prochain épisode, faites-nous en part dans les commentaires, sur la page Facebook de Rétro Crimes – Podcast ou directement par Messenger.

>> Tel que mentionné dans cet épisode :

Sélection de la revue de presse concernant cette affaire.

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La production, l’animation, les recherches et les enquêtes sont effectuées, sauf mention contraire, par Annie Richard et Jean-Philippe Rousseau. La réalisation et le montage par Jean-Philippe Rousseau. La musique originale du générique a été composée par s7leven.

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    Cindy Peddle is my sister and she was NOT seen like you say in 1996, some thought it was her but i WENT AND IT WASN`T HER! SI VOUS VOUDRAIT LA VRAI HISTOIRE, ME CONTACTER! C”EST PAS CORRECT QUE CEW VOUS AVEZ DIT!

    • Rétro Crimes Rétro Crimes

      Hello Mrs. Peddle,
      We’re sorry if you were not satisfied with our episode. However, I would like to explain some things to you.

      In our show, we did mention the fact that Cindy had been missing since 1993.
      If we talked about the fact that she was “seen” in 1996 in a restaurant, it is only because a journalist from Le Soleil has made mention. And above all, we have taken care to use the conditional. According to this article, the information was also communicated to the police of Sept-Îles
      (article: ).

      It is not uncommon for “witnesses” to see missing persons, this happens in most cases of disappearances. However, we never said it was a fact. We said it was a guess, as mentioned in a newspaper at the time.

      We tried to trace a Facebook page dedicated to your sister, in order to have information, but unless we are mistaken, this page seems to have disappeared. However, we are open to collecting information from you, if you wish.

      Hoping to have clarified the situation.

      Kind regards,

  2. wendy peddle wendy peddle

    Thanks for getting back so fast. What the journal Le Soliel reported is completely false, I’d like to know who gave that information. I went to that resaurant myself, with the police. I sat down with the young woman, it was not sister. I told the cops that right then and there. We feel that something is very wrong. and why she was never and still not on any missing persons list not even the GRC. I signed papers giving them permissin to publish her pic and even gave them my DNA for the first time. Maybe it’s worth a look into. My apolies, I was in shock when found series yesterday. I never ever knew about it. Thank you for your time..

    • Rétro Crimes Rétro Crimes

      Hello Mrs. Peddle,
      We fully understand your reaction.

      Unfortunately, in the story of your sister’s disappearance, there are quite a few documents. So, we saw this article from Le Soleil, but we were unable to confirm whether the information was true or not. Obviously we would not have talked about this article if we had known it was incorrect. But we wanted to use the conditional to talk about it, because we find it important to be careful with unconfirmed information.

      Also, as I told you in my previous message, we are still trying to get in touch with families, but the “In Memory of Cindy Peddle” Facebook page was not found and we were unable to reach you. Unfortunately.

      We nevertheless wanted to talk about Cindy’s disappearance, since it had been suggested to us by a listener from Sept-Îles, because this story had shocked her. We find it a shame that so few people are talking about it.

      We are nevertheless delighted to have been able to understand each other. We just want to help raise awareness of little-known or forgotten stories and also help the families of victims.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have anything to add. Either by email or here on our website. We will always be at your disposal.

      Kind Regards,
      Annie and Jean-Philippe

    • Stephanie Duguay Stephanie Duguay


      I am born and live in Sept-Îles for 33 years now, and I’m shocked I have never heard of your sister’s case before. I am so sorry to hear that she is still missing.

      Would you mind if I shared info about her case in a Sept-Îles Facebook group? Maybe shedding light on her case after all these years would make someone talk, because I don’t think I’m the only one who has never heard about her.

      Also, I am currently studying to get my PI license, I have one class left, so if you want to discuss with me more about your sister’s case, I would love to help you in any way I can. I’m shocked there isn’t more information about her case… 🙁

      Stephanie Duguay

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